2020 Business Planning

24 Business Days Remaining in 2019 - November 25, 2019

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses has started 2020 Business and Strategic Planning with our clients. It’s hard to believe that there are ONLY 24 business days remaining in 2019! This year has flown by at record speed! 2020 will be here in a few days – at this pace, that is how it will feel! With year-end quickly approaching, make sure you are working on your small business’ 2020 planning.

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses understands how challenging fourth quarter can be for businesses that are still trying to hit calendar year-end goals, but a balance for 2020 planning is needed. If the small business waits until January 2020 to start planning for 2020, the business owner is already a month behind the plan.

We suggest conducting business planning during October through December, depending on the business type, industry, etc. During business planning sessions, Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses coaches the business owner through the business planning process for 2020. Business planning includes all aspects of the business that drive revenue including goals/tactics, processes and efficiency, recruiting and staffing, marketing and sales, retention and customer experience, and training. All of these items impact the business’ revenue, profit, or both.

During 2020 business planning, we review the entrepreneur’s vision, mission, SWAT Analysis, target customer, and current year to date metrics including growth, retention, profit, revenue, budget, operational expenses, staffing, etc. Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses works with the business to set goals, tactics to achieve goals, timing, measurement, ownership and communication, processes, and more.

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Make sure your business is prepared for 2020! If your small business needs help with the business planning or strategic planning process for 2020, please call a Small Business Consultant at 479-935-2488 to schedule your free consultation!

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses is a business coaching and business consulting firm located in Fayetteville, AR that helps small businesses with business planning, revenue growth, increased sales close rate, better targeted marketing or content, increased customer retention, improved staffing culture, successful recruiting campaigns, and more!

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