Recruiting and Hiring

What is your opportunity cost?

Small businesses have many puzzle pieces, a very important piece of the puzzle is staffing. Without the right team members, a small business is not reaching its full potential or the highest level of efficiencies. As a small business grows, the owner, who was once doing everything for the business, has to determine if hiring staff to do certain tasks would make more money than the business owner doing it. What is the opportunity cost for the business owner?

What else could the business owner be doing to help the business owner grow– instead of doing tasks they hate, don’t have time for, or maybe they aren’t good at. For example, let’s say the business owner is not the best at technology, but knows the business needs updated tech to run more efficiently.

The business owner could spend weeks or months trying to figure it out, install it, and monitor it. Instead of spending that time on it, the business owner could hire someone to do it quicker and probably better. This enables the small business owner to focus on the priority of growing their business and use their strengths to their advantage– such as spending that time networking and prospecting, which they are exceptionally good at and enjoy.

Some entrepreneurs think hiring someone will just cost more and be another expense – however, the right staff person with the proper training and leadership will be an asset and bring in additional revenue for the business.

At Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses, we have witnessed this again and again, but have seen the reverse as well. Sometimes small business owners allow employees to hold them hostage because the business owner believes the person is invaluable because of tenure – even though the employee is toxic and impacting attitudes and performance of other employees at the business.

In every case, after the employee left, their replacement rocked it and the business owner realized it was a blessing in disguise. So why do business owners keep those staff members that long? Sometimes, owners hold on to staff that are an expense because of fear of loss, fear of recruiting a new person, change in stability, possible customer disruption, or because of a personal relationship.

If the business owner is giving their staff attainable goals, leadership, structure, training, and education – there is no reason that the right staff person can’t exceed their goals, unless they are not the right person or not putting in the effort. Because of this, entrepreneurs should always be recruiting, so they are ready for staff changes and future staffing needs.

From our experience, many small business owners dread recruiting new talent to their teams and a big part of that dread is not knowing how to find the right team members. To help, we have a created a list of possible ways to prepare and find new talent –

  1. Create a simple, but specific job ad and job description (description should also be included in the employee handbook)
  2. Create a list of interview questions including situational questions (tell me about a time when….)
  3. Post the job ad to personal and business social media pages and website – create excitement around the job with a video of the business and its energy
  4. Post the job ad on Indeed for free (depending on job, may not be able to post for free and will need to sponsor an ad)
  5. Promote the job ad on Indeed, LinkedIn, or Facebook - depending on job and target, may need higher daily budget
  6. Post the job ad on the local colleges’ websites - students and alumni look at those job boards
  7. Reach out to professional contacts in person, by phone, and/or through messages and emails to let others know that the business is hiring – use phone or email contacts, + LinkedIn, Alignable, and Facebook connections
  8. Post the job ad on Craig’s list – depending on the job, certain occupations may not be a good fit for Craig’s list

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