Power of Observance in Sales

Pay Attention, Listen, and Observe

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses coaches and consults sales people within various industries. As with small business owners, there are core categories or puzzle pieces in the small business puzzle that every business deals with. No matter if the entrepreneur sells oil or insurance, there are opportunities or challenges within marketing, recruiting, retention, customer experience, sales, revenue growth, business planning, and more.

This is the same for sales people – no matter if they sell birds or designs, there are a few core competencies that all sales people should be aware of and utilize. From Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses’ previous blog, Sales Resources and Opportunities, we reviewed a couple sales stats. If we ask for the sale and follow-up, we are doing better than a lot of sales people.

If we also add observance to our sales tool kit, we will take it to the next level. When we say – observance, we are referring to understanding personality types, identifying modes of perception, paying attention to non-verbal communication, and reading the emotions of others. Below are summaries and resources for the power of observance in selling. Future Blog Posts will include more specifics on each area, but for now….

Observe – Pay attention, focus on, and get to know and understand your prospect or customer!

  1. Personality Types – Driver, Analytical, Amiable, and Expressive: Understanding how to communicate better with prospects or customers will improve comprehension, increase close rate, and improve customer experience.
  2. Modes of Perception or Neuro-Linguistic Programming – Auditory, Visual, or Kinesthetic: Understanding how customers or prospects think in terms of how they organize thoughts, behaviors, etc. Understanding the dominant mode of perception, will help sales people understand how best to conduct the sales presentation, follow-ups, and communications.
    1. ​​​If the prospect is visual - they may need to see text written on a board and use terms like picture or see what you mean.
    2. Compared to a customer with a kinesthetic mode of perception (which is a smaller group) - the customer wants to feel, as in creating a model for them to touch and use terms like does this feel right or that works smoothly.
    3. Auditory as a mode of perception - need to hear something to increase recognition and meaning. Terms that work with them – I hear what you are saying, sounds good, and I am hearing…
  3. Non-Verbal Communication: What is said without words, is more important than the actual words! Pay attention to body language – yours and the prospect or customer’s body language. Nodding your head three times when someone is speaking – will encourage them to talk 3 to 4 times longer!
  4. Emotional Intelligence: Reading others emotions is a key to identifying where you are not being clear or your point is not understood. EQ also includes the ability to control your emotions and react more rationally.

Utilizing the power of observance in sales – will help small businesses and salespeople close more sales!

Resources for Sales People:

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Please note: the resources listed above aren’t endorsements by us – they are provided only as information. We were not paid by or affiliated with any of the companies listed.

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