2020 First Quarter Checklist

For Small Business Owners

At Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses, we help our consulting and coaching clients with reminders that pertain to their small businesses. We send updates, news, and reminders through meetings, calls, and newsletters. As business management consultants, it is our job to ensure our clients are informed and thinking about items that could affect their businesses.

We have put together a generic checklist for Arkansas business owners to review and complete in preparation for second quarter. We also included resources for the topics in the checklist and other blog posts that may be helpful to your small business.

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses – 2020 1st Quarter Checklist for Business Owners

  • Goals:
  • • Goals for 1st quarter and Year-end
  • • On Pace to Achieve 1st quarter Goals and year-end goals?

  • Activity and Sales:
  • • Leads, quotes, close rate or other measurements –
  • • Goal and % to Goal –
  • • Sales or Revenue YTD –
  • • Goal and % to Goal –

  • Expenses:
  • • Expenses YTD –

  • Profit:
  • • Profit –
  • • Goal and % to Goal –

  • SWOT:
  • • What opportunities were taken advantage of or challenges that were overcame in first quarter 2020? Any still in progress that will run into 2nd Quarter?

  • • Any current opportunities, threats, or trends that could impact business results?

  • Employees:
  • • Employees – Have additional need? What is the plan to recruit, on board, and hire?

• Any additional training needed?

  • Tax, Licenses, & Assessments:
  • • Are there any insurance, licensure, or related items coming due next quarter?

  • • Quarterly Taxes Calculated and Scheduled to be Paid – if applicable

  • • Mailed Business Personal Property Assessment

  • • Paid the Arkansas Franchise Tax


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If your business needs guidance on how to set or measure goals, how to determine what tactics need to completed to reach goals, or anything listed in the 2020 1st Quarter Checklist, please call (479) 935-2488, text (479) 439-8844, or email a Small Business Consultant today to schedule a free consultation!

Comprehensive Consulting Solutions for Small Businesses is a Fayetteville, Arkansas based business consulting and business coaching firm that focuses on the needs of small businesses. We offer consulting and coaching solutions for an upcoming change or transition, current obstacle or challenge, or current/upcoming opportunity. We help business owners maximize revenue and increase operational efficiencies in a variety of areas within the small business puzzle – including operations, marketing, business planning, retention, sales, recruiting, processes, and more.